Luna Crossbody Sewalong

A step-by-step tutorial for the Luna Crossbody Pattern, with detailed information on gathering inspiration, sourcing materials, and sewing all versions of the purse.


Part 1, Inspiration

Not sure where to start? Start here! I’ve gathered inspiration from around the web to help you design a Luna Crossbody to express your own personal style.


Part 2, Fabric Selection + Interfacing

From weave type to appropriate fabric weights, this post will walk you through everything to consider for selecting fabrics with confidence. We’ll also talk a little about interfacing and finding the best option for your purse.


Part 3, Hardware + Notions

Everything you need to know to find the right hardware for your Luna Crossbody. In addition to having hardware kits available in my shop, I’m sharing my sources in case you want to find it on your own.


Part 4, Preparing Your Pieces

Now that you have all of your materials gathered, it’s time to start cutting and interfacing!


Part 5, Assembling the Pockets

The first step in the Luna Crossbody assembly: pockets! We’ll work on both the exterior slip pocket and the interior card pockets in this post.


Part 6, Installing the Zipper

Repeat after me: Zippers are not scary! A step-by-step tutorial—with plenty of photos—for installing the zipper in the Luna Crossbody.


Part 7, Making + Installing Piping

The piping is the piece de resistance of the Luna design, and in this tutorial we’ll go over best practices for a smooth installation.


Part 8, Finishing the Body

We’re almost done now! Your guide to sewing the body and lining closed as we near the finish line.


Part 9, Sewing + Installing Straps

This is it! One last step before taking your Luna Crossbody out into the world! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to sew a beautiful strap and install rivets like a pro.